AI toys may harm kids! Watch out for unsafe products and protect your little ones.

Several popular artificial intelligence (AI) products have been flagged as unsafe for kids by Common Sense Media, a non-profit organization that provides unbiased ratings and reviews for media and technology aimed at children.

The organization recently released a report highlighting the potential risks associated with certain AI products designed for children, including smart speakers, virtual assistants, and educational apps. According to the report, these products may pose threats to children’s privacy, safety, and overall well-being.

Privacy Concerns

One of the main issues raised by Common Sense Media is the lack of privacy protections in many AI products targeted at children. The report points out that some smart speakers and virtual assistants may collect personal data from children without their consent, such as voice recordings, location information, and other sensitive details.

Moreover, the organization emphasizes that the data collected by these AI products could be used for targeted advertising, profiling, or other potentially harmful purposes. This raises concerns about the potential exploitation of children’s personal information by third parties.

Safety Risks

In addition to privacy concerns, Common Sense Media also highlights safety risks associated with certain AI products. The report points out that some educational apps and games powered by AI algorithms may expose children to inappropriate content, such as violent or explicit material.

Furthermore, the organization warns that some AI products may not have sufficient safeguards in place to protect children from online predators, cyberbullying, or other digital threats. This lack of safety measures could potentially put children at risk of harm while using these products.

Implications for Well-being

The report also addresses the potential implications of AI products on children’s overall well-being, including their mental and emotional health. Common Sense Media raises concerns about the impact of AI-driven content on children’s social and cognitive development, as well as their ability to form healthy relationships and make informed decisions.

Furthermore, the organization emphasizes the need for responsible AI design that prioritizes children’s well-being and ethical considerations. This includes promoting digital literacy, critical thinking, and media literacy skills to help children navigate the complex digital landscape.

Calls for Action

In light of these findings, Common Sense Media calls for greater transparency, accountability, and regulations to ensure the safety and privacy of children in the digital age. The organization urges AI product developers, policymakers, and parents to work together to address these concerns and create a safer online environment for children.

Moreover, the report encourages parents to become more informed and empowered consumers when choosing AI products for their children. This includes researching and carefully evaluating the privacy and safety features of AI products, as well as discussing digital literacy and online safety with their children.


As AI technology continues to become more integrated into everyday life, it is essential to prioritize the well-being of children and ensure that AI products designed for them are safe, privacy-respecting, and beneficial. Common Sense Media’s report serves as a timely reminder of the potential risks associated with certain AI products and the importance of addressing these concerns to create a safer digital environment for children.