Morgan Stanley CEO: We're prepped for 'Basel III endgame'! #readyforregulations
  • November 17, 2023 3:29 pm
  • Ayush Rawal
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Morgan Stanley CEO: Firm Prepared for “Basel III Endgame”

In a recent statement, Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman expressed confidence in his firm’s readiness for the impending “Basel III endgame.” Gorman’s comments come as global banking institutions brace for the final phase of Basel III regulations, which seek to enhance financial stability and reduce systemic risk in the banking industry.

Strategic Preparation

Gorman highlighted Morgan Stanley’s proactive approach to preparing for the Basel III endgame. The firm has diligently assessed and adjusted its risk-weighted assets, capital buffers, and liquidity reserves to align with Basel III requirements. This strategic preparation has primed Morgan Stanley to navigate the regulatory landscape with agility and resilience.

Strong Capital Position

Gorman emphasized that Morgan Stanley maintains a strong capital position and robust risk management framework, which positions the firm favorably as Basel III regulations approach their culmination. The firm’s commitment to maintaining robust capital reserves and prudent risk management practices underscores its commitment to financial stability and regulatory compliance.

Adaptability and Innovation

Gorman underscored the importance of adaptability and innovation in navigating the evolving regulatory environment. He emphasized that Morgan Stanley has proactively embraced technology and data analytics to enhance its regulatory compliance capabilities. This forward-looking approach empowers the firm to effectively address the evolving regulatory requirements and leverage regulatory compliance as a strategic differentiator.

Collaboration with Regulators

Gorman emphasized the significance of collaboration with regulators as a cornerstone of Morgan Stanley’s approach to regulatory compliance. The firm maintains open and constructive dialogue with regulatory authorities to ensure a nuanced understanding of regulatory expectations and facilitate proactive compliance measures. This collaborative approach fosters a culture of transparency and mutual understanding, which is integral to navigating the complexities of regulatory compliance.

Client-Centric Focus

Gorman reiterated that Morgan Stanley’s commitment to delivering exceptional client value remains unwavering amid the evolving regulatory landscape. The firm’s client-centric focus drives a holistic approach to regulatory compliance, with a keen emphasis on preserving client trust, safeguarding assets, and delivering sustainable value through ethical and compliant business practices.

Outlook and Anticipated Impact

Looking ahead, Gorman expressed confidence in Morgan Stanley’s ability to weather the changes and challenges posed by the Basel III endgame. The firm’s strategic foresight, strong capital position, and collaborative regulatory approach position it favorably to navigate the regulatory landscape with resilience, adaptability, and a commitment to delivering sustained value to clients and stakeholders.


As Morgan Stanley prepares for the “Basel III endgame,” its CEO’s comments underscore the firm’s proactive, client-centric, and collaborative approach to navigating the regulatory landscape. With a strong capital position, a focus on innovation, and a commitment to regulatory compliance, Morgan Stanley stands ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the evolving regulatory environment.