Delhi airport hit by dense fog, 4 flights diverted to Jaipur.

Dense Fog Disrupts Operations at Delhi Airport, Four Flights Diverted to Jaipur

The national capital region experienced severe fog on Monday morning, causing disruption in flight operations at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. As a result, four flights were diverted to the Jaipur airport. The dense fog enveloped the airport, causing low visibility and posing a safety risk for aircraft landing and takeoff.

Impact on Flight Operations

The thick fog significantly impacted flight operations, leading to delayed departures and arrivals at the Delhi airport. Several flights were put on hold and some were diverted to nearby airports, including Jaipur. Passengers were left stranded as the flights were delayed, and airport authorities advised travelers to check the status of their flights before heading to the airport.

Airport Authority’s Response

The airport authority put in place precautionary measures to prevent any untoward incidents due to the dense fog. The air traffic control (ATC) coordinated closely with the airlines to ensure the safety and smooth operations of flights. The authorities also issued advisories to pilots and the ground staff to adhere to the safety protocols and guidelines during low visibility conditions.

Passenger’s Inconvenience

The disruption in flight operations caused inconvenience to the passengers, many of whom had to spend extra time waiting at the airport. Several passengers took to social media to express their frustration and disappointment over the delay in their travel plans. Some travelers had to make alternative arrangements to reach their destinations due to the flight diversions and delays.

The Impact on Airlines

The dense fog and subsequent disruption in flight operations had a direct impact on the airlines operating at the Delhi airport. The delays and diversions led to increased operational costs for the airlines, including additional fuel costs and crew expenses. Moreover, the airlines had to make alternate arrangements for the affected passengers, resulting in logistical challenges.

Response from Jaipur Airport

The Jaipur airport witnessed increased traffic as four flights were diverted from Delhi due to the dense fog. The airport authority in Jaipur swiftly managed the unexpected influx of flights, ensuring the safe landing and timely departure of the diverted aircraft. The passengers on these flights were provided with necessary assistance and arrangements to continue their journey from Jaipur.

Precautions for Flight Travel

In light of the dense fog and resultant disruptions, passengers planning to travel to or from Delhi are advised to stay updated on the status of their flights. It is recommended to check with the respective airlines for any delays or diversions. Additionally, travelers are encouraged to allow for extra time to reach the airport and to stay informed about the weather conditions and flight operations.

Weather Outlook

The weather department issued a warning for dense fog and low visibility in parts of North India, including the Delhi region. The weather forecast suggests that the dense fog may persist for the next few days, potentially impacting flight operations and travel plans. Passengers are urged to stay vigilant and plan their travel accordingly.


The dense fog that enveloped the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi resulted in disruption of flight operations, leading to delays and diversions. The airport authority and airlines worked together to manage the situation and ensure the safety of passengers and crew. Travelers are advised to stay informed and take necessary precautions while planning their travel during the ongoing spell of dense fog.

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