Google Bard: A game-changer for software development

With a recent update, Google’s Bard AI chatbot can now help customers with issues related to software development and programming. Bard is a potent tool for developers of all skill levels because it can now generate, debug, and explain code in more than 20 languages.

Bard is an experimental chatbot that works with people to develop presentations, create lesson plans, come up with recipes, and schedule workouts using generative AI. Google claims that since it made it available to the general public in March 2023, there have been a lot of demands from its users for coding capabilities.

Bard may now assist with tasks related to programming and software development, such as code generation, debugging, and code explanation, according to Paige Bailey, Group Product Manager at Google Research.

With its new features, Bard hopes to increase everyone’s enjoyment and accessibility to coding, regardless of experience level. Users can simply ask Bard to perform a task in normal language by typing something like “write a function that calculates the area of a circle” or “tell me what this code does,” and Bard will provide the necessary code or explanation in response. Users can also request that Bard speed up or improve the efficiency of their programmers.

Additionally, Bard can assist users with debugging and error correction in their programmes. Users can input “this code didn’t work, please fix it” and Bard will try to fix the code if it does not function as expected after being generated by the programme. If Bard returns a message with an error, it can also troubleshoot its own output.

More than 20 programming languages, including well-known ones like C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, and Python, are supported by Bard. Additionally, Google Sheets functionalities are supported, which might be advantageous when developing unique formulas or calculations for data analysis. Users can simply export Python code to Google Colab so they can run it in a web browser without having to copy-paste it.

Bard is still a young project, and Google cautions that it may occasionally offer information that is unreliable, erroneous, or deceptive while confidently presenting it. Before employing Bard’s responses in their projects, users should always double-check and test them. Additionally, Google claims that it will give a citation if Bard includes lengthy quotations from an open source project that is already in existence.

Innovative chatbot from Google called Bard employs generative AI to help people with tasks related to software development and programming. It integrates with Google products like Sheets and Colab and can produce, debug, and explain code in more than 20 languages. Google aims to employ generative AI to boost productivity, spark original thought, and assist users in overcoming challenging engineering problems by democratising access to coding skills and enabling a larger audience to engage in software development.