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Unleashing the Power of Intel Unison

Imagine a world where your devices are not just connected, but are also seamlessly integrated. This is the world that Intel Unison brings to life. It’s an application that merges your connected world, allowing you to work and communicate across operating systems through your PC.

A Universal, Easy-to-Use Experience

The Intel Unison app is designed to provide a universal, easy-to-use experience. It seamlessly connects your PC, phone, and tablet, creating a unified work and communication environment. This means you can prioritize your productivity and simplify your work environment.

Intel Unison Features

One of the standout features of Intel Unison is its ability to integrate your connected devices in a snap with an intuitive, one-time, fast-and-easy setup. This gives you the flexibility to connect your choice of PC, Android phone and tablet, and iOS phone and tablet.

Expanding Your Workspace

With Intel Unison, you can expand your workspace by connecting your tablet to select PCs. This allows you to use your tablet as a secondary display, perfect for keeping reference materials, notes, and other documents within arm’s reach.

Enhancing Device Use

Intel Unison also enables the precision of your PC’s keyboard and mouse on your tablet with Universal Control. This feature allows you to switch between controlling either your PC or your tablet any time you want, adding seamless navigation and full-size typing to streamline and enhance your device use.

Quick and Easy File Sharing

Intel Unison makes file sharing quick and easy. It allows you to create a temporary connection between your PC and any device in a snap. This feature saves you time and energy by enabling immediate and convenient file transfers even without installing the Intel Unison app on the other device.

Communication Made Easy

With Intel Unison, you can make and receive phone calls directly from your PC. Access to your phone’s full contact list on your PC means you’ll no longer need to swap devices to make or answer a phone call. You can also send and receive text messages on your PC, making the most of its larger keyboard and screen.

Intel Unison: The Future of Seamless Connectivity


Most Intel Evo devices already include the Intel Unison app and others will add it soon. So, the easiest way to get it is to just search and find it on your new PC. If not there, Intel Unison is also available to be downloaded from the Windows, iOS, and Android app stores.