Google I/O 2023: Event date, schedule and what all to expect

The Google I/O event, which is very exciting for people who like Google and Android, is coming soon. People are also looking forward to the release of the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro phones later this year. At the Google I/O event, we can expect to hear about updates for Android 14, and the introduction of new devices like the Google Pixel 7a and Pixel Fold, as well as exciting announcements about AI. The schedule for the event has been released, so we know what to expect.

Event 2023 Date

Google’s yearly event for developers, called Google I/O, is scheduled for May 10th. This year’s event was announced after a worldwide effort to solve a riddle. Just like last year, the event will be held in-person, but only a limited number of people can attend. Google is asking most attendees to watch the event online. The event will only last for one day, unlike previous years that lasted for three days. It seems that Google plans to shift its focus from a single event to providing ongoing support to web and Android developers through other channels. They have scheduled more Google I/O Connect events worldwide in the coming months.

Last year’s Google I/O was also held in-person, but it was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2021 event was entirely online. However, this year’s keynote speech and most of the expected discussions will be available online, just like they have been for the past ten years.

How to Watch Google I/O 2023 Event

You can now sign up for the event on Google’s website, but you need a Google account to participate. However, if you just want to watch the main presentation, you might be able to watch it on YouTube without registering. The presentation will start on May 10th at 10 a.m. Pacific Time and 1 p.m. Eastern Time, and a link to watch it will be provided closer to the date.

What should we expect from Google I/O 2023?

On April 27, 2023, Google released the schedule for Google I/O 2023. Since the conference only lasts for one day this year, the schedule is condensed. The conference is divided into four main sections, focusing on mobile, web, AI, and cloud. The day starts with a general keynote speech, covering all the main topics of the event. After that, there will be various individual events covering topics in the four main sections. Attendees can expect to learn about Google’s plans for Android 14, new hardware, and software developments.

According to a recent report by The New York Times, Google responded to the release of Bing Chat and ChatGPT 4.0 with a code red alert. In response, Google organized a Live from Paris event to showcase its own chatbot-based search engine called Google Bard. The chatbot was launched in limited beta in March 2023, and there are rumors of a Google Bard widget coming to Pixel phones in the future.

At this year’s Google I/O conference, Google may unveil several AI innovations, including an image generation studio, a Shopping Try-on feature for YouTube, and a video summarization tool. Google may also introduce the third iteration of its AI Test Kitchen and a wallpaper creation tool for Google Pixel phones. Additionally, there are rumors of an unnamed tool that will help other companies build their own AI applications.

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