Top Email Marketing Tools for better Audience Reach
According to the researchers using Email marketing tools you can generate 35 % more sales than you generate now
With its highest rate of return on investment. Email Marketing is one of the best communication strategy for businesses. Every business around the world uses email marketing for their productive marketing strategy to which help businesses to drive engagement using their email lists.

Consumers get to learn your company and your name using email marketing. You will be in the heads of your target customers users through careful preparation, good concept design and different helpful material. Email Marketing  require a particular product or service that will transform into the future clients.


Power of email marketing on Business Growth by Lisa Anne

Below are some free tools for your business to improve your email marketing campaigns.

Mailchimp is most popular global email management service platform to create email for marketing trip. Different analytical data and manage email lists for different types of campaigns it is one of the robots free version including various upgraded options as well.
The automation of the procedures involved in email marketing is MailChimp’s main objective. You may make appealing emails for your audience with the drag-and-drop editor. The solution enables you to save photographs in the Content Studio for subsequent usage in campaigns. Use MailChimp’s pre-made templates instead if you don’t have the time or the creative spark.
You may also use pre-made email automations to make the sending process simpler. Following a certain amount of time has passed, such as 120 or 240 days after the purchase, you can configure triggers. Real-time analytics are also available under this feature to assist you monitor your efforts. It gives information on your 24-hour performance as well as the number of email opens and clicks.
Sumo is another software providing email marketing for free with its various premium options to optimize your web traffic. There best feature for email marketing is email list building which help small businesses to collect emails from website visitors.
You’ll need two things to do this work successfully: a trustworthy email marketing service provider (ESP) and a feature-rich list-building tool that can seamlessly link with your ESP, offer a variety of design options, be mobile-optimized, and give you in-depth metrics and analytics.
Fortunately, the tool we’re going to examine today satisfies all the criteria—and then some. It’s a tool that people with names you undoubtedly know utilise (Airbnb, theChive, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss).
Sumo is a collection of technologies that enables you to automate the expansion of both your website and your vital email list. These tools are some of the greatest email capture and marketing tools available, and they are made to improve newsletter signups, site traffic, and social velocity.
Vertical response is email marketing software to send up to 4000 emails for free to your consumers. Based on the kind of email you want to send, choose a template to edit. Adapt the appearance and atmosphere to precisely represent your brand. Pre-formatted content blocks may be added, removed, moved, or changed to suit your needs. Without any coding or design knowledge, you can have a responsive email campaign ready to send in a matter of minutes.
Depending on the sort of email you want to send, select a template to modify. To accurately represent your brand, alter the style and feel. To suit your demands, you may change, move, delete, or add pre-formatted content sections. Without technical or design expertise, a responsive email campaign will be ready to deploy in a matter of minutes.
Vertical Response Newsletters customization
To individuals who missed your initial email, automatically send them a follow-up note. As a result of the 80 to 120 emails that people get daily, communication might easily be missed. Simply write a new subject line and choose a new time to send the email. Utilize this best practice’s automation and keep an eye on how your campaign’s outcomes are improving.
Gorgias template is another Google Chrome extension for this small businesses to create custom templates for the emails.
LinkedIn sales navigator lite is another Google Chrome extension to read email addresses in details of visitors including their Gmail contacts.
Mailjet is another free email marketing management tools without any contact limits on its free plan. It provides simple interface for small businesses to initiate for email marketing.
Choose from a number of pre-designed templates or start from scratch. With Mailjet’s adaptable drag-and-drop Email Editor, you can add material for your company, including photos, links, and videos. The templates you generate with Mailjet are responsive and optimised across all email clients and devices, so you can be certain that the emails you build always look flawless.
With effective collaboration features, you may create emails with your team straight in Mailjet’s Email Editor. You can examine, comment on, and edit email templates in real-time just as you do with Google Docs.
Top Email Marketing Tools for better Audience Reach
Set user permissions and lock particular areas on your templates to safeguard your brand assets and maintain brand consistency at all times. Improve your workflow, be more productive, and send emails more quickly.

Email marketing is an old lead generation strategy, well-designed and strong quality email newsletters often have a greater chance of producing further leads and it often helps to turn such leads into sales through drawing guests.