Apple’s First Store in India: A Milestone for the Tech Giant and the Country

The most valuable business in the world, Apple, today debuted its first retail location in India at the Jio World Drive shopping centre in Mumbai’s Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC). The store, known as Apple BKC, is intended to be a bustling centre where customers can learn about Apple goods and services, receive professional guidance and support, and take part in workshops and events.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, attended the store’s grand opening and greeted the first visitors to the company’s newest location. Cook also displayed a priceless reaction when he saw a Macintosh Classic computer, one of Apple’s original personal computers released in 1990, in the store. He expressed amazement and joy at finding such a remnant of the past in the shop.

According to Cook, there is “an incredible energy” in India, and Apple is eager to continue its “long-standing history” with the nation. He claimed that Apple BKC is evidence of the company’s dedication to India and its clients. He also complimented Reliance Industries for working with Apple to open the store, which owns Jio World Drive mall.

In addition to being Apple’s first retail location in India, Apple BKC is also one of its biggest locations in Asia. It is more than 20,000 square feet in size and has a gorgeous glass exterior that displays Apple’s well-known logo. Customers of all ages and interests can find a variety of goods and services on the store’s two floors.

Apple’s newest goods, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, AirPods, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and accessories, are displayed on the ground level. The items can be explored and tested out by customers with the assistance of Apple Specialists, who can provide personalised advice and support. Customers may also take advantage of free Today at Apple programmes, which are interactive seminars that teach skills in areas like art, coding, music, video, photography, and more.

The Genius Bar is located on the first floor and offers consumers access to technical assistance and Apple device repairs. The floor also features a special area designated for corporate clients, where they may receive services and solutions that are customised for their unique requirements. There is a boardroom on the floor as well, which is used for events and meetings.

The goal of Apple BKC is to empower and inspire its consumers. It is more than just a store. Regular celebrations of regional culture and innovation will be held at the store and include talks, performances, movies, and other events. Additionally, the store will provide unique initiatives for educators, pupils, programmers, businesspeople, and artists.

Millions of visitors each year are anticipated at Apple BKC, which will increase Apple’s presence and sales in India. In the fiscal year 2022–2023, Apple exports from India are predicted to have exceeded $5 billion, which is over half the entire exports of “Made In India” phones1. On April 202, Apple also intends to build a second location in India at Saket in Delhi.

As it opens a new chapter in their relationship, Apple BKC represents a significant milestone for both Apple and India. It is a store that offers customers an unmatched experience while celebrating innovation, creativity, and variety.