Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence

The American Association for Artificial Intelligence (formerly known as the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence) was founded in 1979. The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) is a nonprofit scientific organisation dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge of the mechanisms underlying thought and intelligent behaviour and their embodiment in machines.

The mission of AAAI is to advance artificial intelligence research and ethical application. Additionally, AAAI seeks to better the education and training of AI practitioners, broaden the public’s awareness of AI, and advise research funders and planners on the significance and promise of recent AI advancements.

AAAI also strives to expand public awareness of artificial intelligence, enhance the education and instruction of AI professionals, and offer input on the importance and potential of existing AI technologies and possible paths for research developers and funders.


The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) is a worldwide academic organization dedicated to supporting artificial intelligence science and the ethical application of it. 


Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence
AAAI Conference 2020 : Thirty Forty AAAI Conference



AAAI further seeks to expand public knowledge of artificial intelligence ( AI), enhance the educating and instruction of AI professionals, and offer input on the value and potential of current AI technologies and possible direction for research developers and big donors.


Scientific societies are gradually becoming multinational as our planet gets smaller. National scientific societies are changing to represent their international constituencies and have come to rethink their positions, their goals, their pictures, their logos, their “brand marketing,” and hence their names in doing so. For AAAI, this is such a time as it embarks on its second quarter century.


The 2022 AAAI Squirrel AI Award will be given to Cynthia Rudin of Duke University for her work on interpretable and transparent AI systems in real-world deployments and her advocacy for these aspects in highly sensitive fields including social justice and medical diagnostics.


The goal of the AAAI conference is to advance artificial intelligence (AI) research and scientific communication among scientists, engineers, researchers, and practitioners in related fields. The technical programme for AAAI-22 will be broad, and it will include student abstracts, poster sessions, guest speakers, tutorials, seminars, exhibit and competition programmes, all of which were chosen using the strictest criteria for evaluation. Both fresh cross-cutting research in adjacent fields and papers on popular AI subjects are accepted at AAAI-22. IAAI-22, the 34th Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence Conference, and the 12th AAAI Symposium on Educational Advances in Artificial Intelligence will all take place at the same time as AAAI-22 (EAAI-22). Similar to last year, AAAI-22 will employ a two-part reviewing procedure, with the possibility to submit qualified NeurIPS-21 proposals that were rejected straight into the second round.


A Context:-


The group was established under the name “American Artificial Intelligence Association” in 1979 and renamed to “Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence” in 2007. It has over 4,000 members globally. 


The company was watched over in its early years by prominent computer programming figures such as Allen Newell, Edward Feigenbaum, Marvin Minsky and John McCarthy. The new one ambassador is Yolanda Gil, and the former president is Bart Selman.

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Manuela Veloso was the existing president of the AAAI, Mr. Thomas G. Dietterich was the president, and Subbarao Kambhampati was elected as president. It supplies the Artificial Intelligence community with resources. Per year, AAAI sponsors several conferences and symposiums as well as offers funding to fourteen artificial intelligence journal articles. AAAI publishes the “AI Journal” on a quarterly basis, which aims to publish substantial new studies and researches across the whole AI sector and to assist participants to keep research beyond immediate specialties ahead of scholarship. Since 1980, the print edition has been published.


Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) Service Award:-

Annually, the AAAI Distinguished Service award honours one individual for outstanding service to the AI community. Service fields might include, but are not sparse to government welfare, service as an author, organisation of conferences, involvement of AI in other organisations (such as CRA, ACM, or IEEE), or active service as a contractual director or programme director of a government department, resulting in positive influencer on the AI sector. Present AAAI people must be applicants.

  • Payments: The yearly charge of $125 (residents of the United States and Canada) provides subscriptions to free journals, seasonal newsletters, lecture promotions and operation advertisements. Accepted Credit Cards.
  • Audience: Computer Researchers
  • Eligible to apply: zero
  • How to apply: For specifics, contact (
  • Estimation of Service Wait: 1 day.
  • Areas of Service: County Alameda, Against County Costa, County of San Francisco, County of San Mateo,County of Santa Clara
Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence
Duke Professor wins 1 Million Dollar Artificial Intelligence prize a “New Noble”




The primary technological society that represents the culture of artificial intelligence. To foster fundamental awareness of what constitutes intelligent thinking and actions and how it can be articulated in computing, the alliance was established. Membership is available to those in the industry with an interest. It was formerly known as the American Artificial Intelligence Association (AAAI).