Wolf Robotics : About Success Growth and Future

For more than 75 years, Wolf Robotics, A Lincoln Electric Automation Company, has been developing robotic integration solutions for automated arc welding, cutting, cladding, material removal, and industrial equipment applications. Wolf Robotics is one of the leading advanced machining robot integrators in North America, with more than 2.5 million robotic systems installed across the world.

Wolf Robotics primarily works with heavy fabrication (construction, mining, agricultural) and transportation OEMs and suppliers to incorporate robotic electric arc welding systems. Rimrock Corp. creates turnkey robotic systems and automated spray systems for the metal casting, foundry, and shaping industries.


Wolf Robotics : About Success Growth and Future
New Wolf Robotics Welding Cell Dramatically increase robotics welding envelope


Rimrock Holdings Corp., a privately held producer and integrator of automated production equipment and robotic systems with two subsidiaries, Wolf Robotics LLC and Rimrock Corp., has been acquired by Lincoln Electric Holdings Inc.


“Our investment in Wolf Robotics extends our leadership position in automated welding and cutting,” says Christopher L. Mapes, chairman, president and CEO. We are excited to truck-design-manufacturing-studebaker-navistar-052015/ as a leading automation integrator in the North American heavy fabrication sector with our existing portfolio to better serve customers and accelerate growth.” by Rimrock Holdings Corp.


Wolf Robotics Large Submerged arc welding systems


In the domain of robotic welding, the Top Tig method is a game-changer. TopTig is a novel technique developed by Lincoln Electric in which the filler wire is passed through the welding nozzle at the area with the highest temperature. As a result, the wire melts into tiny droplets, much like in the MIG process. The employment of a pulsed current coordinated with the wire allows for greater welding control. While compared to a standard TIG torch, the TopTig torch’s compactness provides for greater accessibility when welding complicated structures. Manufacturers may enhance operating efficiency by up to 300 percent with TopTig.


Wolf Robotics : About Success Growth and Future
Custom wolf Robotics welding system


HyperFillTM, a patent-pending twin-wire MIG system from Wolf robotics, revolutionises high-deposition welding. HyperFill improves the useable deposition rate compared to standard single wire MIG while offering outstanding weld quality and puddle stability. It was developed for both semi-automatic and robotic applications.


The HyperFillTM technology created by Lincoln Electric, an American company with its core business in the design, development, and manufacture of arc welding products, automated joining, assembly, and cutting systems, plasma and oxy-fuel cutting, brazing, and soldering alloys, is the subject of the “Tested for you” section of this issue of the Italian Welding Magazine. The aforementioned technology will now be presented, and a pamphlet outlining its features is available for download from the www.lincolnelectric.com website. A single power source powers two electrically conductive wires that are fed via a single wire feeder, a single gun liner, and a single tip to provide the proprietary twin-wire GMAW-P system known as HyperFillTM.


Perfect part fit-up isn’t always possible, and certain weld seams are just impossible to duplicate. That’s fine…we’ve got a plan. Wolf Robotics integrates the robotic welding with Wolf TouchSense, a tactile sensing capability, so that the robot can weld these out-of-tolerance seams. Wolf Touch Sense works by providing a safe voltage to the welding torch’s gas nozzle or the welding wire. The TouchSense feature from Wolf Robotics is a quick and inexpensive solution to compensate for seam location errors.