Learn these Programming Languages to Develop World Class Applications
  • April 12, 2020 11:29 am
  • Ayush Rawal
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Making you know these programming languages have a great reputation as a IT Expert

According to a survey conducted by the dscout in 2016 an average smartphone user spent 145 minutes daily on their phone and touch 2617 times in every 24 hours.
The numbers are so attractive for the App development experts and it’s really very hilarious for the socially answerable thinkers.
Anyway Smartphones are one of the finest ways of getting target any number of users in just seconds. The only thing you need is a great product with a fascinating marketing Strategy.
According to the statistics during the last measured period of 2016 – 2018, an average of 6,140 mobile apps were released through the Google Play Store every day. It looks attractive but not every app makes its position in the market. But a career in the field of App development is looking finest as per above data. 
As the number of app released per day increase the value of developers increase which proportionate the value of developers in the market.
A Career Guidance from an Expert Software Developer
App development market is booming this time too much and pointing the much development in future. The main thing when a person thinks about the next step to proceed is where to start and what to do to get the satisfying career development in that field.
To get started with the app development learning you need to verify and clearing some important aspects of mobile application development field. Which redirect you the knowledge and understanding of different languages used in mobile app development.

Languages used in Mobile Application Development

A JavaScript framework that allows you to build custom plugins on a platform named Buildfire. This is a very simple to run platform that allow users to build applications rapidly. Buildfire.js is developed for having flexible architecture for providing developers to utilize client side framework as they like include: jQuery, Angular, React, Underscore & many more.
Python is a high level language widely used for development including web, app and different software’s including analysing and computing scientific and numeric data, creating desktop GUIs etc. The only language that will make you cover a very broad areas of learning including app development. Even the world’s most popular websites use it as the most preferable language to work on.
Java is the only most used language for app development. It stands on top with worldwide 23.4 % shares while python on point two with 13.7 %. Numbers already defines how popular the java is and how important it is for application development. If you learn java you can build all different types of android apps with this language. This language is having maximum area of coverage for app development and have a great future space as well.
PHP defines as the server side scripting open source language. Beside server side scripting it can be used to build entire android, iOS or windows app. It is mostly used for website development. Mostly used on WordPress which counts for the development of nearly 55 % of all global websites. It is an open source language and independent to the platform and basically required in Application development.
Released by Apple Inc. in 2014 for iOS & Linux. It is the primary language used to develop iOS & OS X apps. According to a survey it is found that swift developers have the highest average salary in the US. Google also considered it as the first class language rather java.
It is a general purpose programming language developed my Microsoft. It can be used to create pretty much things from server applications to web services. Experts believed that the C# vale got dipped and not have great areas of working.
It is a platform that change the belief of experts. As it provides a way for the C# experts to build great apps for android & iOS.
An object oriented general purpose programming language derived from C. It’s a core programming language used to develop iOS & OS X development prior to swift.
 It is also a general purpose programming language with low level memory manipulation feature.
JavaScript is the world’s third most demanding language. JavaScript is somewhat easy to get started with.  It’s a multi-paradigm language that supports object oriented and functional programming. To get started with JavaScript javatpoint is one of the best platform to learn different aspects and develop an advanced level of skills.
HTML5 is not essentially a mobile application development language. To create an app in HTML5, it has to be used with other languages such as JavaScript. These languages are specific in coding use but have a lot of importance. Currently only hybrid apps and browser games can be made if you use HTML5 as your preferred language.
Ruby is known as the most demanded language. It is a general purpose object oriented language which supports multiple paradigms. If you want to develop an app on ruby then it needs frameworks of ruby motion or Rhodes.
Designed for relational database management systems. It’s generally considered a declarative language. It is used for supporting the application database. Even if the SQL query is ten times longer than the equivalent Python script, it feels easier to do it the way I already understand. SQLite is a lightweight database which is embedded in every Android device.
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It’s very important to learn multiple programming languages have a lots of importance for the developers. Many times it compulsorily required for the developers to learn different languages to develop a bulky or innovating apps. Various ways of learning the new languages are available in the market for free of cost. Make your deep research upto the extent choose the best learning material and get started step by step.