Realtime Robotics : About Success Growth and Future

Realtime Robotics was established to transform automation with flexible robot control capabilities. Built on its unique, real-time collision-free motion planning technology. Realtime’s solutions allow single or many robots to operate independently in unstructured and uncaged settings at full speed.

Industrial robots can be deployed, updated, and/or re-deployed in real time using Realtime Robotics Technology . Its technology enables businesses to automate additional operations by removing technical complexity and shortening cycle times, cutting overall costs, increasing throughput, enhancing operational efficiency, and boosting ROI.

Businesses are trying to provide more with smart automation while productivity remains stagnant and labour accounts for 60–65 percent of warehouse fulfilment costs. Companies spend an estimated $350 billion on storage each year, and they’re turning to automation to keep up with demand. 


Realtime Robotics : About Success Growth and Future

Realtime Robotics extends technology relationship with Mitsubishi Electric

The demand for simple, yet increase the reliability to assist manufacturers, suppliers, and logistics firms improve and expand their usage of robots has never been stronger, with the industrial automation market anticipated to expand at a Cagr of 9.3% from 2020 to 2027 to reach $306.2 billion.

The extra funds will be used to speed up product rollouts and continue to invest in creative upgrades and solutions, According to Realtime Robotics, Despite continuing to service worldwide automobile manufacturers and their supply chains, the business will expand its reach in the warehouse automation market.


Realtime will also continue to perfect its “holy grail” collaborative system, which incorporates its proprietary real-time planning technology with other certified system components to enable industrial robots to proactively adapt their motions and avoid unwanted contact with humans, while continuously accomplishing their intended tasks.

Realtime Robotics technology gives robots the ability to quickly react to objects moving around them and avoid collisions.

Developer of specialised processors that will revolutionise the way robots and self-driving cars move. The company’s algorithms allow robots to operate in unstructured, interactive workspaces, reacting to a dynamic environment and generating safe robotic mobility plans in millisecond, allowing clients to safely carry single or many robots at full speed in unstructured and uncaged settings.

The Realtime Robotics platform also includes sophisticated spatial and object perception pipelines for emergency braking and workpiece awareness, allowing for unparalleled flexibility while ensuring the safety of human coworkers.


“We’re releasing the first technology capable of engaging closely with people and keeping them safe in the company of industrial robots,” Howard adds.


Realtime Robotics, located in Boston, closed a $31.4 million funding round. The financing is part of a $11.7 million Series A round that the firm disclosed in late 2019. SAIC Capital Management, HAHN Automation, Soundproof Ventures, Heroic Ventures, SPARX Asset Management, Omron Ventures, Toyota AI Ventures, Scrum Ventures, and Duke Angels are among the investors.

Realtime Robotics : About Success Growth and Future
Realtime Robotics Completes $11.7 million Series A round

Realtime Robotics now has worldwide automation OEM leaders advocating their solutions, as well as the top ten automakers using the game-changing technologies into their own standard tools and workflows. 


“The next six months of life to be a really exciting time,” Howard adds, “with revolutionary new features for performance and safety being introduced to our platform, as well as a little uptick in fundraising.”


In June, robotics investments got off to a terrific start. The Robot Report monitored 36 robotics investments totaling $581 million in May 2021. Three mergers and acquisitions were also announced.