Vex Robotics Kit : Product Review, Compatibility and Technology

VEX Robotics is a brand of instructional robotics for all ages. VEX solutions are approachable, adaptable, and economical, and they may be used at all levels of official and informal education. VEX promotes group creative, teamwork, leadership, and problem solving in addition to scientific and engineering ideas. It enables all types of educators to engage and inspire tomorrow’s STEM problem solvers.

Using educational robots to give students genuine choices in the classroom can increase their engagement and motivation, allow them to maximise on their skills, and help them meet their learning needs. Educational robotics fosters a sense of autonomy, capacity, and connectedness in students.


People of any age who are already familiar with (or desire to become familiar with) more advanced programming software will likely find the kits in this book to be too simple and restricted. Although graphical programming is more user-friendly for beginners, it also confines you to a specific manner of working.


VEX IQ is a robotics platform that allows you to create bespoke and programmable robots to promote STEM learning. You can hop right in and snap these colourful robots together with VEX IQ’s easy, tool-free components. With this kit, you can learn the basics while building your first robot by following straightforward step-by-step instructions, and then take advantage of the unrivalled versatility.


Getting Started with VEX IQ : Vex Robotics Kit

Batteries are not included in the package. The CPSIA criteria are met by the VEX IQ Robotics Construction Kit. Ages 8 and up Includes: – 4 Smart Motors – 1 Bumper Switch sensor – 1 Touch LED sensor – A single colour sensor Bullets change to: two alternatives for programming software: ROBOTC VEX IQ Curriculum or Modkit for VEX (online version) (both included for no additional cost) Remote control in the style of a video game with a rechargeable lithium ion battery 12 self-configuring input/output ports on a robot brain The motors include built-in rotating sensors. There are almost 750 snap-together components in all.

  • 2 programming software options – Modkit for VEX (free online version) or ROBOTC VEX IQ Curriculum – Free for all users!
  • Video game style remote control with a rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Robot Brain with 12 self-configuring input/output ports
  • Built in rotational sensors on the motors
  • 750+ snap together pieces
  • Ages 8 years and up
  • 1 Bumper Switch sensor
  • 1 Touch LED sensor
  • 4 Smart Motors
  • 1 Color Sensor


At VEX Robotics, they envision a world in which every student is inspired by the thrill of hands-on, mind-on STEM learning and the satisfaction of creating something with technology. There are some more astonishing effects of educational robotics in teaching and learning:


Students feel independent when they comprehend the work, especially when the assignment is in line with their beliefs, interests, and ambitions.

Vex Robotics Kit : Product Review, Compatibility and Technology
VEX IQ Robotics Construction Kit

Individuals definitely be able when they believe they know what they need to know to succeed and are confident in their ability to overcome obstacles. Because STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) are prerequisites for studying educational robotics, it opens up a wide range of learning options. In ways that are real and applicable to students, robotics is always transdisciplinary. Through the connection of concepts from each of the STEM fields, students gain insight and knowledge. Students must interact, think computationally, troubleshoot, and invent in robotics activities – all essential abilities for 21st-century learners and, eventually, 21st-century professions.