Dominating the Cooling Game: DeepCool’s AK620 High Performance CPU Cooler


DeepCool is a name that resonates with enthusiasts across the globe. Known for their innovative, high-performance products, DeepCool has recently launched the AK620 High Performance CPU Cooler, a product that promises to redefine cooling efficiency.

Unleashing the Power of the AK620

The AK620 is not just another CPU cooler. It’s a testament to DeepCool’s commitment to providing top-notch thermal solutions. This high-performance CPU cooler is equipped with six copper heat pipes and a dense dual- tower fin array, ensuring dominant cooling and silent efficiency.

The Magic of Copper Heat Pipes

The AK620’s six copper heat pipes play a crucial role in its superior performance. Copper, known for its excellent thermal conductivity, allows for efficient heat transfer from the CPU to the cooler. This ensures that your systemstays cool, even under heavy load.

Dual-Tower Fin Array: A Game Changer

The AK620’s dense dual-tower fin array is another feature that sets it apart. This design increases the surface area for heat dissipation, allowing the cooler to effectively manage even the most demanding thermal loads.

Silent Efficiency with Two 120 FDB Fans

DeepCool understands that effective cooling doesn’t have to come at the cost of noise. The AK620 is equipped with two 120 FDB fans, offering silent efficiency. These fans operate at a noise level of less than 28 dB(A), ensuring that your focus remains on your work or game, not on the noise of your PC.

Dominating the Cooling Game: DeepCool’s AK620 High Performance CPU Cooler

Compatibility and Technical Specifications

The AK620 is compatible with a range of Intel and AMD platforms. It supports Intel LGA2066/2011- v3/2011/1700/1200/1151/1150/1155 and AMD AM5/AM4. The cooler measures 129×138×160 mm (L×W×H), with a net weight of 1456 g. The fans operate at a speed of 500~1850 RPM±10%, with an airflow of 68.99 CFM.

DeepCool AK620 High Performance CPU Cooler is a testament to DeepCool’s commitment to innovation and quality. With its advanced features and superior performance, the AK620 is set to redefine cooling efficiency in the world of PC hardware.