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RedZone Robotics provides solutions for collecting and analysing critical data for sewerage system management. Through multi-sensor examination (MSI) and fast data gathering technologies, RedZone Robotics expert robots capture a wide variety of actionable data regarding system status. 

RedZone Robotics, a pioneering Robotics as a Service (RaaS) company with headquarters in the United States, has announced a cooperation with, a company that provides pipeline prioritisation data using custom machine learning tools. The groundbreaking risk-reduction and predictive analytics product IntegrityPRO powered by from RedZone Robotics uses data from pipe condition assessments together with spatial relational tools.

The data is then processed using RedZone Robotics’ proprietary analysis and reporting software, which is designed with asset management in mind. RedZone Robotics pinpoints critical data and generates integrated, visual reports that provide a unique perspective on even the most complicated systems.

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VertueTM, a cutting-edge multi-sensor inspection (MSI) tool for manhole inspections, has been launched by RedZone Robotics, a pioneering US-based Robotics as a Service (RaaS) business.


Manholes are important parts of the entire utility network because they allow access to our underground linear infrastructure. To guarantee appropriate operation, maintenance, inspection, assessment, restoration, and testing, pipeline infrastructure must be accessible.


As they leak untreated or partially treated sewage from a municipal sanitary sewer, sanitary sewer overflow events (SSOs) pose a substantial issue for U.S. utilities. These incidents might result in large fines for a utility since they represent environmental risks, health risks, and even property damage from a regulatory viewpoint. RedZone Robotics is now in a position to assist utilities in ensuring the condition of manholes in their network with Vertue.


The management of several infrastructure assets, including wastewater collecting systems, falls to municipal utilities. Communities are given enough capacity by these assets when they are properly managed, operated, and maintained, which also lowers controlled overflows. Utility managers need to know where to start when assessing the state of a collection system and how to assess an asset’s condition without physically seeing it.


A utility’s programme for assessing the status of its assets should prioritise them and provide a schedule for regular inspections to ascertain their state. In the past, administrators of sewage infrastructure have only used reactive tactics, consumer complaints, or asset age to address issues. IntegrityPRO utilises’s daVinci MLTMengine along with RedZone’s data repository of over 100 million feet of inspections. System owners may now proactively manage their sewage infrastructure by using the comprehensive asset prioritising and predictive assessment insights offered by IntegrityPRO software.


According to the American Society of Civil Engineering, there are more than 800,000 miles of public sewers in the United States alone, and in the next years, demand for treatment facilities will increase by 23%. (ASCE). Sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs), or the outflow of untreated or partly treated sewage from a municipal sanitary sewer, are more frequent when wastewater infrastructure is in poor condition. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are between 23,000 and 75,000 SSO occurrences in the US annually.


A thorough examination and prioritising of their wastewater infrastructure will be given to asset owners and operators by and RedZone Robotics working together. Asset managers may more effectively protect their infrastructure and make the most of their limited resources by utilising IntegrityPRO, powered by, and the range of cutting-edge condition assessment solutions from RedZone Robotics. The Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for IntegrityPRO from RedZone will effortlessly interact with the technologies from


The complaint claimed that four of RedZone’s patents were infringed on by SewerVUE’s Surveyor pipe inspection equipment and accompanying software. While SewerVUE did not acknowledge to infringing on RedZone’s intellectual property, as part of the settlement, SewerVUE will reimburse RedZone for previous sales and usage of Surveyor in the United States. SewerVUE does not have any ongoing rights to offer or operate items covered by RedZone’s extensive patent portfolio.


RedZone’s capacity to deliver cutting-edge in-pipe inspection and multi-sensor inspection solutions to its clients is dependent on its intellectual property portfolio. RedZone’s specialised robots collect the most complete data on our customers’ system conditions and, in combination with our unique algorithms, produce clear, thorough reports that highlight what’s important to them now and in the future.


Inspection to Insight : Redzone Pipeline Inspection Solution

ASAP (Accelerated System Assessment Program) was launched by RedZone Robotics to assist wastewater holders, operators, and system owners in gathering critical data about their architecture with a low-cost structural system and versatile financing, while also protecting the environment by implementing low-impact processes.


RedZone Robotics is well aware that each wastewater system is distinct and evolving. As a result, they feel that inspecting your pipes merely once is insufficient. Our comprehensive data sets can assist you in understanding and managing dynamic changes in your system over time. As a result, we can provide you the best possible return on your investment.