13 things mentally strong people do summary by Amy Morin
This book is written by Amy Morin. 13 things mentally strong people do
This book is in relation to various personal reminders to not focus on bad habits while face of adversity, and coming turn it into a physiological book to improve your positive mental strength and emotional compatibility
It covers complaining for not getting something that you think you deserve is a waste of your energy. According to a Morin you should eradicate your Facebook news feed and stop comparing your madness. Her final words are finally to learn to be alone.
Summary for 13 things mentally strong people do
Lesson 1 complaining that you are not getting something you think you deserve is a best of your energy.
Amy Morin’s original list first of all include that you should not waste your energy on the things that are beyond your control. It does not mean that you should go and change the way other people’s behavior. All the fact that use just got fired but also about wasting your energy complaining about it.
Every complaint that you accomplish keeps on breath and that’s the topic that makes you resurfacing the same book again without any reason. if still you think you really really deserve something then just learn. 
That the world does not give you anything. Every minute that you believes made that you are setting yourself for anger frustration and bitterness you setting it up for your own.

Lesson 2 kill your Facebook news feed and stop comparing yourself for a while

Scrolling your Facebook notification and makes you feel dead from inside will make you just addicted like little dopamine hits for finding something that is good only once in a while that’s why you just keep scrolling other than this. 
You are making just poisoning your own well indulging different kinds of competitions.
Lesson 3 learn to be alone
According to Amy Morin’s, Facebook can’t make you teach how to be alone just review when you last just said on your chair alone in your room and not doing anything with no phone no reading no TV no music just alone because what that’s what being human is.
The entire Moto of that book is just to make you renew your on mindfulness with different words open this book into your life. 
Being alone is one of the biggest adventure a person can breathe if he is being successful alone. Amy Morin’s try to make us teach to make us more dependent on our self and not making compare yourself with others.