Worlds Top 5 Robotics Stocks Companies with 20% Annual Return

Robotics stocks are progressively gaining popularity among stock market investors. This is unsurprising, given that robotics has advanced to the point that robots may now be utilised in a variety of sectors.

Governments and organisations all around the globe are seeking suggestions for increasing automation in industry and management in order to put the COVID-19 pandemic’s lessons into practise on a wide scale. 


For the first time in North America, non automotive robotics stocks orders overtook automotive robotics stocks orders last year. In 2023, companies ordered 31,044 robotic systems worth $1.57 billion. Despite a 3.5 percent increase in unit sales, the value of those sales fell by 6.5 percent because to the Covid-19 epidemic.


The robots sector is expected to generate record earnings, with a compound annual growth rate of 26% through 2025. According to Dublin-based business Research and Markets, worldwide robotic stocks sales reached $40 billion in 2022, with the amount expected to rise in 2025.

Deere & Company 

In November 2023, the business had a market capitalization of more than $118 billion and sales of more than $35 billion. The company issued a quarterly dividend of $0.9 per share earlier this year, up more than 18% from the prior quarter.


John Deere acquiring Bear Flag Robotics for $250 Million


In recent months, the company’s stock has soared to new highs as it raised profit forecasts above market expectations, owing to better farm economics and crop prices. The business is also putting in place cost-cutting measures that are expected to boost operating margins this year.


Worlds Top 5 Robotics Stocks Companies with 20% Annual Return



Hollysys Automation Technologies Ltd


HollySys Automation Technologies, located in China, is a holding company that specializes in automation control system solutions. Industrial automation, rail transportation, and mechanical and electrical solutions are among the topics covered. 


Worlds Top 5 Robotics Stocks Companies with 20% Annual Return

The corporation announced an annual cash dividend of $0.2 per ordinary share for fiscal year 2023 on October 5, suggesting a payout ratio of 15%. On or around November 20, 2023, the dividend will be paid.


Helix Energy Solutions Group Inc


The Helix Energy Solutions Group is a global offshore energy firm. It specializes on offshore natural gas and oil sector subsea construction, maintenance, and salvage services. Its offshore industry specialist services include well intervention and robotics operations.


Worlds Top 5 Robotics Stocks Companies with 20% Annual Return





ABB is a holding corporation that develops and sells power and automation technology. It is organized into various divisions, each focused on a different aspect of automation, such as electrification, industrial automation, robotics, or discrete automation


Worlds Top 5 Robotics Stocks Companies with 20% Annual Return



The firm stated on October 8 that the Singapore government was deploying its high-precision ABB robots to speed up COVID-19 testing. The technology helps handle over 4,000 samples each day by automating certain human procedures.


Worlds Top 5 Robotics Stocks Companies with 20% Annual Return

Integrating Seven sense’s AI and Navigation Technology into ABB’S Mobile robots will allow them to work in more dynamic unstructured environments

It has a market capitalization of more than $92 billion and sales of more than $4.3 billion in December 2023. Raymond James, a financial services firm located in Florida, maintained an Outperform rating on the business earlier this year, boosting the ABB Robotics stocks share price objective to $865 from $860.


iRobot Corporation

The company has a market capitalization of over $3.3 billion and sales of stocks over $1.43 billion in January 2024. The firm stated that it aimed to improve product offers in order to stimulate consumer interest. JP Morgan upgraded the stocks from Neutral to Overweight, with a $166 price objective, in light of these expansion ambitions.


Worlds Top 5 Robotics Stocks Companies with 20% Annual Return


The Bedford-based iRobot Corporation designs and manufactures consumer robotics. Roomba (a robot vacuum), Braava (robot mops), iRobot (a vacuum and mops bundle), and Root are some of the goods that the business sells (coding robots that help children learn how to code). To make these robots more effective in residential situations, the business is utilising artificial intelligence software.

Autonomous Delivery Robots: Starship in Milton Keynes

Even though the services firm’s Q1 results were projected to be in accordance with COVID-19 projections, the firm’s performance for the rest of the year would steadily improve as the COVID-19 scenario grew less concerning.



All About Advanced Robotics: Success Growth and Future


Curbing the COVID-19 involved using a variety of robot technologies, such as cleaning and disinfection service robots, during the period of 2021–2026. The global robotics market was valued at USD 27.73 billion in 2024 and is expected to reach USD 74.1 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of 17.45 percent. This new market for service robots was created by rising hygiene standards. Therefore, in 2020, a lot of firms filed new disinfection robots. There is a rising need for businesses that transport meals and other goods. In 2023, it is anticipated that there will be a global increase in the use of robots that carry food and medications as a result of this growing interest. The need for robots enabling last-mile delivery would likewise be driven by this desire.


The robotics business is full of laudable promises of development that science fiction could only dream of a few years ago. Robots will be discovered executing activities that humans could never conceive of doing alone, from the darkest depths of our seas to hundreds of kilometres in outer space.