Design a robust sales system in 6 easy steps for your marketing Funnel

Create a robust sales system when done with the entire article

Marketing is a key sequential term for any business. Entrepreneurs take it in various ways to create channel sales system to celebrate every single opportunity and never lose any chance of breaking. Here with the team of experts motiveflikr makes a robust sequence of sales system for your next startup in handy plan format. 
An Entrepreneur Left amazon to develop company that develop sales strategy

#. Plan your customers channel to optimize sales

Time to get the answer of the question that who is my customer is somewhat tricky. But not difficult, somewhere a person who needs your product can say as your customer.
It’s a great starting. Apart from the above questions
What is the main problem that are you solving for your customers?
What is the need of customer that you are fulfilling?
Repeat and focus on these some three questions to get to know your customer.
Understanding your talkative customer is one of the main point in understanding your business. It will create a sales system further for you for better business management.

#.Targeting and dividing your customers according to sales channels

Finding your customers according to different concepts which needs to target differently.
Customers who are ready and going to buy your product customers.
Who only knows your product for the customers?
Who are positive about your products?
Customers who are not at all aware your product?
Such type of situations came in front of you while creating a graph for your customers.  You need to make different sales channels for them to make convince such different types of customers to create a long lasting relationship. and robust sales system.

#. Best way for sales funnel

Once you plotted your customers you need to create sales funnel for them.
It’s the next process of sales engineering you need to create. A system by which you will lead prospects from problem on awareness stage to problem solving mode.
 AIDA is a conventional model
  Awareness Interest Desire Action


That matrix AIDA that will help you to track your visitors.
How many converted prospects are here which are converted are unqualified or qualified?
Number of qualified prospects converted into qualified leads
Qualified leads came into shopping card
Leads who purchase from composition or have predefined their problem

#. Your sales strategy

While making your sales channel according to your product and your business. Plan will lead to another process of business management to decide in what way you will go for making sales. Is should be offline or online?
You may use various combination of sales strategy according to your products.

#. People you hire

What are the qualities that you should look for hiring different types of people? Your main quality is just to speed of execution, promptness and delivery focused. You can hire both trained as well as fresh salesperson and figure out according to the desired result you get from the action of work.
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It is a basic blueprint of making a great sales funnels for your startup. According to the above data just make your own road map and keep testing your conversion rates. Make your team hungry and get more customers make yourself person more patient and delightful to build a strong foundation to grow your Idea into a unicorn business.