Union cabinet boosts copra MSP for 2024 season

The Union cabinet has given its approval for a significant increase in the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for copra for the upcoming 2024 season. This decision comes as a relief to coconut farmers, who have been facing challenges due to fluctuating prices in the market.

The MSP for Fair Average Quality (FAQ) of milling copra has been increased by a whopping Rs 450 per quintal, taking it from the previous price of Rs 10,335 to Rs 10,785 for the 2024 season. This move is aimed at providing better remuneration to the coconut farmers and ensuring stability in the market.

The decision to hike the MSP for copra comes as a part of the government’s ongoing efforts to boost the income of farmers and improve their standard of living. It is also in line with the vision of doubling farmers’ income by 2022, as articulated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

This increase in MSP is expected to encourage farmers to take up coconut cultivation and ensure a steady supply of copra in the market. It will also provide the much-needed support to the coconut industry, which plays a crucial role in the country’s agricultural economy.

The Union cabinet’s decision to raise the MSP for copra is a welcome step, as it will benefit millions of coconut farmers across the country. This move will provide them with a fair price for their produce and help reduce their dependency on middlemen and traders.

The hike in MSP for copra will also address the concerns of farmers regarding the low prices offered for their produce in the market. This will, in turn, empower them to invest in modern agricultural practices and technology, leading to improved productivity and profitability.

Furthermore, the increase in MSP for copra will have a positive impact on the rural economy, creating employment opportunities and boosting the overall growth in the agricultural sector. It will also contribute to the government’s vision of promoting sustainable agriculture and reducing farmer distress.

The government’s decision to raise the MSP for copra is a clear indication of its commitment to the welfare of farmers and the agricultural sector. It reflects the proactive approach of the government in addressing the challenges faced by the farming community and ensuring their economic well-being.

The increase in MSP for copra comes at a time when farmers are grappling with various challenges, including the impact of climate change, fluctuating market prices, and rising input costs. By offering a higher MSP, the government aims to provide a safety net for farmers and protect them from the uncertainties of the market.

The recent decision by the Union cabinet to raise the MSP for copra has been hailed by various agricultural experts and associations. They have lauded the government’s proactive stance in addressing the concerns of coconut farmers and providing them with the necessary support.

In conclusion, the Union cabinet’s approval of the increase in MSP for copra for the upcoming 2024 season is a significant development for the coconut farming community. This move will not only ensure better remuneration for farmers but also contribute to the overall growth and sustainability of the agricultural sector. It reflects the government’s steadfast commitment to the welfare of farmers and its vision of doubling their income by 2022.

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