Twitter users still waiting for verification mark

The Twitter badge has undergone significant changes in recent times, with the digital currency dogecoin benefiting the most. The checkmark program has been part of Twitter since 2009, initially aimed at identifying authentic accounts of celebrities, politicians, and notable figures. As a way to counter impersonation, twitter badge were given free of cost to public figures to distinguish their accounts from imitators. However, things started to change after Elon Musk bought Twitter in October for $44 billion. Musk announced last year that Twitter would start removing verification checkmarks from users’ profiles unless they paid an $8 monthly fee for Twitter Blue, a subscription service that includes the blue-and-white checkmark badge on users’ profiles.

Twitter has undergone a crisis of credibility, says Graham Brookie, a director at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab. He feels Twitter is inconsistent when it comes to implementing its policies. The plan was to remove the checkmark from users who did not pay for the symbol from April 1, but most verified users retained their symbols, which implied that Twitter has failed to implement the promised changes.

The inaction around the verification check marks made it evident that Twitter was losing its credibility. The checkmark program was initially created to separate fake accounts from real ones, but it ended up being a status symbol for some verified users. The blue checkmark became synonymous with a “special status” for public figures, indicating that the identity behind the account had been confirmed by the social media service.

However, Twitter’s lack of action regarding verification check marks has made public figures question the social media platform’s credibility. This is because Twitter had promised to remove the check mark unless users paid a subscription fee, but this has not yet been implemented. The lack of implementation has led to confusion and uncertainty among verified users, who feel that Twitter is not being consistent with its policies.

The biggest change to Twitter in recent times happened when the platform’s blue bird icon was replaced with a doge on some accounts. The doge is a popular online icon of a Shiba Inu dog, which has become synonymous with Dogecoin, a type of cryptocurrency. After the change, the digital currency’s price shot up by more than 30%. This change was a win-win for both Twitter and Dogecoin because the increased interest in Dogecoin led to more traffic on Twitter.

The verification check mark program was created to distinguish real accounts from fake ones. However, with the increase in the number of users on the platform, Twitter was unable to keep up with the demand for verification. This led to the creation of Twitter Blue, a subscription service that includes the blue-and-white check mark badge on users’ profiles. However, the service was discontinued in November last year after a wave of impersonation erupted.

Twitter’s lack of action regarding the verification check mark program has led to confusion and uncertainty among verified users. This is because Twitter has not yet implemented its policy to remove the check mark unless users pay for the symbol. This lack of implementation has led to a crisis of credibility on the platform, with many verified users questioning the social media platform’s consistency with its policies.

The lack of action around verification check marks is just one of the many issues that Twitter is facing. The social media platform has been criticized for not doing enough to combat misinformation and hate speech on the platform. It has also been accused of not being consistent with its policies regarding content moderation.

In conclusion, Twitter’s credibility is at stake, and the lack of action regarding the verification check mark program has only added to its woes. The platform has promised to remove the check mark from users who do not pay for the symbol, but this has not been implemented yet. The lack of implementation has led to confusion and uncertainty among verified users,

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